Even Monkeys Learn

I've been keeping busy with lots of sewing as I just got a new sewing machine last month. My other machine works fine for piecing, but was just not cutting it on the free motion quilting- weird tension issues that came and went and it was loud. My new machine, a Janome 6600, is... uh... wow. It's smooth and quiet and has a 9" harp. I was good and didn't go for the 7700 mostly because of cost (it's $2600 MORE than what I paid for the 6600, which... yeesh). As it was, I've sold some fabric from my stash on eBay and some other things, and have plans to sell my serger (new machine has an overlock stitch and handles knits well) to help offset the cost of the new one. But it's totally worth it.

One of the last things I finished on my old machine before setting it aside (for Bloomer? Or for when I need to travel to a class, more likely) was this mini-quilt for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild:

Because it's true...

It's 24" by 16" or so, and apparently I impressed everyone with my mad free motion quilting skillz. To which I said, please don't look at the back which is JACKED UP with crazy tension loops. However, the awesomeness of monkeys make up for it.

One of the other projects I'm working on is a quilt for the Good Mews Animal Foundation auction this year. Zapper is trying to help, but...

This is why I probably need a design wall

She's a might bigger than the 4 1/2" square she's trying to fit into. Her head's about the right size, though.

The kids are doing... whatever it is they do. Bloomer had a great first month of Pre-K, but things have quickly descended into madness again. I don't think her teacher believed me when I told her that August appeared to be the calm before the storm. Nothing like being proven right, but as I said below, "Even monkeys learn". She'll figure it out.

One day.


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