Analogies Are Probably Not My Thing

You know what's weird? I miss podcasting (side note: I did a scifi podcast for a while). Maybe I just miss the sound of my own voice since I rarely talk to other non-work people that I didn't 1) marry or 2) grow myself. I'm thinking about doing my own podcast but then think... eh. I probably wouldn't stick to it. Look how well this blogging thing turned out!


In the mean time, I finished two quilts this weekend, and am waiting for the last one to dry on the clothesline before I can take pictures. I have another ready to quilt, too - a Transformers one. Still just simple squares, but will probably be appreciated by a young boy somewhere. Same deal with that as with many others I've made. I'll try to sell it on etsy, and if that doesn't pan out, I'll donate it to the quilt group. As it turns out, they may be changing from donating to the kids' hospital to a local shelter because the kids' hospital is now requiring quilts to be washed with special soaps and hermetically sealed. I get that there may be kids with sensitivities to dyes or soaps, but I hate that it will take away from our ability to donate quilts to them.

The ladies at the quilt group, well, one of the ladies in particular, is quite insistent that we will make, as a group, 60 quilts to donate this year. Last year she had a goal of 50 quilts, of which I made at least 20 - maybe more.  I'd like to point out that this particular lady has no "power" in the group other than the ability to annoy others, so I don't know that anyone is really buying into this stat, but a lot of women sure are repeating it! For reference, there are about 10 or so consistent women involved in coming to the meetings and such.

Not that I'm keeping score, but I totally win.

Anyway, I think I might start posting shorter entries, because I miss it, but I feel that I have to have some whole big complex story to tell. Mostly, I can be funny in sprints instead of in marathons.
Also, I'm really poor at analogies sometimes.


Laura M said...

A Transformers quilt? My interest is piqued. Hmm... pictures please?

Miss Dallas said...

OK, going to de-lurk to let you know I'm reading, and laughing!

Holly said...

I am officially laughing about this "lady" in your quilt group! She annoys many people!