Dieting, but not what you think.

Today is not a good diet day. Imminent monthly visitor and all that, I think my food consumption has consisted of 30% sugar, 40% salt and 30% cheese. So... yeah. Good times. But! I am doing excellently on my Craft Diet.

I decided that this year my sewing would be devoted to finishing up UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and making use of what I've already got lurking in the corners of my house, and therefore, not buying any new fabric. I have a fair amount of stuff already, but not nearly the stash of others I know. I decided that I could purchase thread or notions (like elastic or zippers for kids' clothes) to help finish up projects, but I haven't even had to do that yet.

I granted myself 2 "get out of diet free" cards as an exception: 1) the Sewing & Quilt Expo two weeks ago and 2) fabric that would be purchased to make the duvet cover for our bed for next winter. What I spent money on at the Sewing Expo was actually quite small, especially considering a third of what I purchased will be used to make a quilt for the local humane society auction.

The nice thing is that I still have access to new fabrics that come in to the quilt group I'm part of which are, of course, used to make prayer quilts or quilts for the children's hospital. And I can raid my MIL's stash if I really have a dire need for some accessory fabrics for a personal project. We joke that whenever I raid her fabric stash I'm just taking an advance on our inheritance.

So far this year I've finished 4 baby quilts (3 of which are soon to be listed on etsy) and the steampunk quilt (which sold for an amazing amount of money - $320!). I've got 2 more baby quilts cut and ready to piece (one for the quilt group, one for sale), and one "youth" quilt to quilt and list (it's a My Little Pony quilt! I almost want to keep it for myself). I've got another one ready to design and make for the quilt group out of fabric from my MIL's stash she didn't know what to do with. I also cleaned out 13 pounds of fabric and donated it to a group that is sending it to Haiti for the women there to learn to sew and make clothes.

Sidebar: I spent some time with co-workers this week and one woman described her experience volunteering in Haiti for a week. She speaks 4 languages and worked as a translator in the hospitals and witnessed so many procedures and spoke so eloquently about how devastating the earthquake was, and I was all, "I donated fabric!" But hey, every little bit, right?

Anywho, I'm feeling less bloated about my crafting, even if I'm more bloated about my salt intake today. Baby steps.

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Kristine said...

I assume the salt intake was from bacon right?